Monday, February 9, 2015


I've been on a journey for awhile now but I'm really feeling it in my heart to reign it in a little and live a little more intently.  So below, I'll talk a bit about what that means and the direction I am planning to take.

1. Simplify! - I have always lived amongst clutter and really, it drives me batty!  It's mostly my own fault, I *like* stuff and it's sometimes hard to part with it.  For a long time the clutter was sort of an outward extension on the chaos that was going on inside me. It truly was a reflection of the craziness of my world but now that things are on a more chilled level on a consistent basis I deeply desire to try to get a handle on all this mess!  It's going to be a work in progress for awhile I am sure, but it's a goal.

2. Health - continue on my path to eating and living healthier. I've made many changes over the last few years and it has made a difference however I'm not were I want to be with it and I need to refocus on finding the right balance. For me that is going to consist of getting back to whole foods and a more natural lifestyle.

3. Financial control - Work on getting out of debt (it's not too terrible but on a low income it's a vicious cycle). Focus on buying the necessities only and search for savings. Eventually the goal is to make some of the necessary bigger purchases...but one step at a time.

There's of course subsets to each of these but this is it in a nutshell.  This is what my heart is calling for.  It's a time for change and focusing on the things that really matter and learning to love life right in the here and now!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Life in Crisis

A friend shared this with me on FB recently and I really feel the need to share it here:

And here is what I wrote when I shared the link on FB:

   " ...this touched me so much...there are so many "Mike's" in my life and I struggled with depression and being suicidal for so much of my life (and sometimes still struggle...)... to those who have made a positive impact on my life I "THANK YOU" wholeheartedly! Sadly, there are those who, although in a professional role, contributed to my feelings of worthlessness...some even telling me to hurry up and kill myself to get it over with, so I'd stop "wasting" their time and resources, or others that dismissed me saying I'd feel better in 5 minutes or my problems weren't that big of a deal. In hindsight they might not have been a big deal to most people, but at that time in my life, they were huge. I was lost and hurting and my crisis' were very real to me. No one, especially someone in a professional position should ever EVER dismiss that...but far too often they do. I've learned over the years, that even though it doesn't feel it, my life is as valuable as the next persons. My thoughts and feelings, while sometimes distorted or inaccurate, are still very much real to me. No one in crisis (no matter how insignificant it seems to those on the outside) should ever be made to feel "less then". We are all human, we all have experiences, we all process them in our own ways....but we all bleed the same. Please remember that as you go about your days and encounter people in your never know the battle they are facing or the impact, positive or negative, that your words and/or actions can have. You might just be the one who gives someone the hope to hang on....or you could be the one to send them over the edge. Tread carefully. Life is fragile. ***BIG HUGS***"