Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shopping Surprises

I was out getting some errands done with mom and ended up doing a little shopping and a little browsing, mostly just checking prices of items to get an idea.  My main item in mind was cat claw clippers...but didn't have much luck finding a pair that I was happy with on any of the shelves at any of the places we went.  However, I did find a total deal that I was not expecting at all!

We stopped into Petcetera and I was meandering down each aisle as that is what I typically do there.  I love to look at everything for every critter...but now that I'm a cat momma I am a bit more focused on kitty items.  :)  I got to the cat section and saw these BIG yellow tags and the item they are by is the "Litter Locker II".  Eh, no big deal some of you might say...well honestly I don't know...I haven't used one before.  But not long after I got Ebby I mentioned to my sister half joking that I needed something like a Diaper Genie but for cat litter.  She said there is such a thing and we left it at that.  

Back to the BIG yellow tags!  On them had in big numbers $10!  I'm thinking...oh probably save $10 off the regular price...but on closer look...that was the actually selling price!  Regular price....  $32.99!  So I grabbed one and carried it around because hello...I would SAVE $22.99!!!  How awesome is that!!!

One happy momma right here :D   Now to go test this thing out, haha, we shall see.  

Anyhow, I did take pictures but my computer isn't being too cooperative tonight and I'm kinda exhausted so I'll try to remember to post a pic and some links tomorrow.  After a couple weeks I plan to do a bit of a practice review be honest... I'd really like to start doing some product reviews for reals.  I love to write, I love taking pictures, and I love giving my opinion and in blog land... that is something I can do!  

If you have any thoughts or suggestions or experiences with product reviews please let me know...I want to learn as much about the process as I can.  In a future post I'll be asking questions and possibly sending them to established review bloggers.