Thursday, December 29, 2011

Litter Locker II Review

*update 27/06/2012 - I can't imagine not having this helps so much*

As mentioned in my previous post I purchased a Litter Locker II and said I planned to do a review on it.  Now that I've had time to use it and the Christmas holiday festivities have started to slow down I actually have a chance to write it.

Overall I am happy with the Litter Locker II.  I did find out that $10 is a pretty common sale price for this item so maybe the deal wasn't as good as I thought but either way for $10 it's not bad.  It's easy to assemble, the picture directions are very clear, and I had no trouble or confusion in that area.  I would like to see it offered in different colours as with a black cat I find that her fur static clings to it and is very noticeable.

There are a couple things I would change personally but it's more just cosmetic.  I would like if it had a foot step to open the lid instead of the lift top...but it's not really a big deal.  One thing I did notice though, is that if the litter box is particularly full there's not enough room in the compartment for all the litter clumps so if you have more then one kitty I'd recommend cleaning your litter at least twice a day.  I have one kitty and change litter usually every day and occasionally run into that issues.

Overall, I am happy with the product and it does keep things smelling better as I only smell the poop when it's in the litter box, not once it's in the locker (unless you lift the lid just after pulling out the handle).  

I just realized I don't have a picture of the Litter Locker II assembled, sorry about that.  In the picture above you can see everything that it comes with.  The instructions at the very bottom of the picture.  You can see the scoop on the left and beside that is a nifty little pocket that attaches to the Litter Locker II to put the scoop in.  You can put it on either side so whatever is more convenient for you.  On the top of the Litter Locker II is the one of the main parts of the device.  It contains the "bag" that the litter goes into.  I haven't had to buy a refill yet but they seem to be around the $10 mark as well.

Overall it is a good product and I am happy with it and if you live in a small apartment like me it is great.  I used to hate opening the garbage bin in the bathroom to put the stinky litter in because it always reminded me of a diaper pail full of dirty diapers and that smell would go through the apartment.  This eliminates that.  Now if only I could find a solution to the stinky fresh poo right after my cat goes to the litter and before it goes into the Litter Locker II I'd be all set.

In case you'd like to find out more about it, see more reviews, and pictures on how it actually works, here is a link to their website

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shopping Surprises

I was out getting some errands done with mom and ended up doing a little shopping and a little browsing, mostly just checking prices of items to get an idea.  My main item in mind was cat claw clippers...but didn't have much luck finding a pair that I was happy with on any of the shelves at any of the places we went.  However, I did find a total deal that I was not expecting at all!

We stopped into Petcetera and I was meandering down each aisle as that is what I typically do there.  I love to look at everything for every critter...but now that I'm a cat momma I am a bit more focused on kitty items.  :)  I got to the cat section and saw these BIG yellow tags and the item they are by is the "Litter Locker II".  Eh, no big deal some of you might say...well honestly I don't know...I haven't used one before.  But not long after I got Ebby I mentioned to my sister half joking that I needed something like a Diaper Genie but for cat litter.  She said there is such a thing and we left it at that.  

Back to the BIG yellow tags!  On them had in big numbers $10!  I'm thinking...oh probably save $10 off the regular price...but on closer look...that was the actually selling price!  Regular price....  $32.99!  So I grabbed one and carried it around because hello...I would SAVE $22.99!!!  How awesome is that!!!

One happy momma right here :D   Now to go test this thing out, haha, we shall see.  

Anyhow, I did take pictures but my computer isn't being too cooperative tonight and I'm kinda exhausted so I'll try to remember to post a pic and some links tomorrow.  After a couple weeks I plan to do a bit of a practice review be honest... I'd really like to start doing some product reviews for reals.  I love to write, I love taking pictures, and I love giving my opinion and in blog land... that is something I can do!  

If you have any thoughts or suggestions or experiences with product reviews please let me know...I want to learn as much about the process as I can.  In a future post I'll be asking questions and possibly sending them to established review bloggers.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Okay, I admit it... till this point things have been a little...slow...errr....okay a lot slow here at this blog.  It's been one heck of a bumpy road but I'm hoping to turn that around and have some new and exciting things start happening.  One thing, I know there is going to be a whole lot more animal talk because with the fostering...and adopting (yes, I've adopted Ebony) animal rescue has become a huge passion of mine...even more then it was before!

I have such a big heart and big ideas and am stuck since I basically live on a low income.  No sob story, just it is what it is and one day that will change but for now it's all part of life and learning and coping.  

I want to come back to this blog and do some fun things with it and it still keep it my own.  This is about life's journey's and whatever that might entail.  There's going to up's and down's...times were I'm here frequently and times when life just has too many twists and turns that I just can't be here.  

And let me tell you...that kitty in the picture there.... Miss Ebony Rose (Ebby)....she sure has added a new and very interesting twist to the journey....and I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Just for Fun

I was going back through my blog a bit earlier and came across something I posted almost 2 years ago in Feb 2010.  I thought it would be fun to do it again, but I'm going to leave my old answers as well.  My current answers will be the first ones and the old ones will follow.  

So here is what you answer the following Questions with only a ONE word Answer.  Sounds easy...but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a little challenging.  I'm like the queen of rambling.  LOL

YOUR CELL PHONE? - Pink      Red
YOUR HAIR? -  disastrous      mEsSy
YOUR MOTHER? - Supportive      Caring
YOUR FATHER? - Jokester      Stubborn
YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD? - Cookies      Avocado
YOUR DREAM LAST NIGHT? - none      none
YOUR DREAM/GOAL? - family      married
WHAT ROOM ARE YOU IN? - Living      Living
YOUR HOBBY? - Animals      computer
YOUR FEAR? - unknown      unknown
WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE IN 6 YEARS TIME? - professional      working
WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT? - apartment      
SOMETHING THAT YOU AREN'T - facebook'ing      outgoing

MUFFINS - want      yummy
WISH LIST ITEM? - money      debt-free
WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? - Halifax      
LAST THING YOU DID? - typed      
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? - pj's      
YOUR TV? - disconnected       blank
YOUR PETS? - CAT      none
YOUR FRIENDS? - wonderful      blessings
YOUR LIFE? - rollercoaster      
YOUR MOOD? - inquisitive      sleepy
MISSING SOMEONE? - friend      roommate
VEHICLE? - bus      feet
YOUR FAVOURITE STORE? - Michael's      etsy
LAST TIME YOU LAUGHED? - today      *shrugs*
BEST FRIEND? - missed      special
ONE PLACE YOU GO TO AGAIN AND AGAIN? - psychiatrist      mall
FACEBOOK? - addicting