Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 3 of All About Me

Today is Day 3 in the All About Me challenge and the topic is favorite television program.

I tend not to watch a lot of tv...but now that I've moved and have access to cable I admit I do often have it on even if it's just for background noise.  There are a few shows that I like to watch if I have the opportunity but nothing that the world will end over if I don't see.  There is one show that I consistently love to watch though. It usually will bring me through a wide range of emotions during the one hour it is on.  I genuinely feel for each family featured on the show and want desperately to be able to help families in some way even just a fraction as much as this group does.  The show that I would say is my favorite television program is:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!

I just absolutely love it...I find it inspirational and heartbreaking, and heartwarming, and just plain awesome.  And there's some nice eye candy as well.  :P 

I love seeing how a community can come together and do so much for other members of their community.  I don't think it just helps the family...I think it helps every single individual involved in each project.  I know, just watching it, helps motivate me to help others around me.