Monday, October 18, 2010

All About Me

I haven't really made any headway on the pillowcase dresses.  I haven't forgotten about them, I've just been busy with other things and haven't been able to try out my hand at making them.

The move went well overall and we've all been settling in.  I've been away at my parents though for the past week.  The cat's didn't make the move, well not with us anyway...they moved in with a new furever family and that really is what is best...they wouldn't be happy in the small little basement apartment.  There's also now 2 dogs, not 1. They live upstairs mostly.  And remember how I said I had no bedroom...well my bedroom is what was a storage closet.  It's small, but cozy...and I think when I get it all organized and figured out it will be okay.  I had to get a portable wardrobe to put along the wall outside of my bedroom since I had no closet but it's all good.

Now...if I could just get rid of this cold...the 3rd one in 4 months....we'd be all set.

I came across a neat idea on another blog (Simply Stacy).  It's a bit of a challenge called "All About Me in 30 Days." I'm way behind but thought it sounded fun so decided I'd unofficially take part anyway. 

Day 1 is your favorite song.

That is an easy one.  How He Loves Us is pretty much my favorite song right now.  It is written by John Mark MacMillan.  I first heard it back in March or April at church but there are two versions I especially love.  One is by Kim Walker-Smith and the other is by the David Crowder wrecks me nearly every time I stop to really listen to it.  God's LOVE for US (that's YOU and me) is so amazing!  Below is a picture I took at the David Crowder Band concert from October 10, 2010.

And here is a youtube video of the song: