Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Operation Projects

I haven't had too much worth writing about lately.  I moved, I've been settling...and I'm moving again by the end of the month...into a home with 6 other people, a dog, and 2 cats...and as of now...I have no bedroom.  But the Lord tells me not to worry, be anxious for nothing, and for once in my life I am listening.  I feel strongly this is what I'm suppose to do right now...3 months ago I'm sure I wouldn't have said the same.

On another note, I have a couple project ideas that I feel the Lord is putting on my heart.  One is to make pillow-case dresses for girls in Africa...I was inspired by this blog (We are THAT Familyhere

Aren't they adorable!?  Picture above is from their Grand Total blog entry.  There's a couple issues though...(of course, aren't there always)...I'm not a real comfortable sewer...I can get by when I'm just fixing a small hole in a piece of fabric...but I've never done anything that was for anyone else.  The other problem...I don't own a sewing machine so I have no choice but to hand stitch.  It's all good though, I'll give it a try as soon as I have a pillowcase to try it with.  If that goes well I may attempt shorts as well.  We shall see.

The other project I have in mind has to do with photography....I don't currently want to go into detail about that though.  I am planning on starting to attend a photography club later this month.

Anyway, that's a bit of what's been on my mind lately.  Hopefully I'll get into the habit of writing here again.


Niecy said...

I'm glad that things are looking up for you. The Lords takes us where He wants us to. Just live by faith. I love the idea of the Pillowcase dresses. I'll have to check that website out!!!
Much love from cali!!!!