Friday, April 2, 2010

6-Ways to get Out of the "Funk"

6-Ways to get Out of the "Funk"
By artie

Have you ever been in a”Funk.?”  You know that place right? Where you feel discouraged, burned out, stressed out & give out! Well, I know that place all to well, and it seems I visit that place more than I would like, and more often than I would care to admit. The question is not how to get there (we do that on our own quite well), but rather, how do we  get “OUT OF HERE?” Well, having been there often enough I can speak with experience on some things that have helped me get out, after I fall in…

1. Don’t deny it. Face the truth of where you are, this helps you to turn your attention and thoughts to moving out of where you are. Denying it, will just prolong your escape!

2. Transform you thinking. Begin to tell yourself you are doing better, and feeling better. Words are powerful, so speak words that are true, but hopeful. One of the most powerful words is “yet.” I’m not there “yet”, but hope to be tomorrow!

3. Dig deep into God! Go back and look at some scripture God has given you in the past, and just speak it in the first person to yourself & pray it! Thank you God, “that you make me strong even when I am weak!”

4. Rally the prayer warriors! This is absolutely vital! You don’t want to go around telling everybody you aren’t feeling well. But, you must have a small group you can confide in, and ask them to stand with you in prayer!

5. Find a distraction. You need to change your environment, even if it’s for a short period of time. Get a break, go somewhere your mind can slow down, and you can think clearly, pray deeply & commune with God intimately.

6. Fake it ’till you feel it! This is powerful. I know it sounds funny, but there is great power & elements of faith when you begin to speak, and act like you are better before you “feel” better. Before long everything will catch up to what you are saying!


I came across the above through a link on twitter and really felt to share it.  So many of us are "in a funk" myself included.