Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well, we're ONE week into the new year and time in one way seems like it's flying by and in another sense it seems to be going slow.  Either way, I'm not complaining.  This is the first year, in a LONG time, were the beginning of the year has been good for me and that I've enjoyed.  Sure it's had it's share of ups and downs, already, but overall I'm just thankful and blessed for everything.

Although I must say the last 48 hours haven't been all that impressive to  I had to make an appointment to see the nurse at my medical clinic because of a possible gum infection.  Normally I wouldn't bother but with the problems that I could encounter should I have an infection it's better to play safe.  The nurse ended up getting the doctor to come in and it was decided that I should take antibiotics for 10 days as a precaution.  Not real impressed but it beats the alternative should a full blown out infection happen.  While there I also had a liquid nitrogen treatment on a stubborn plantars wart that just does not want to go away.  And then before bed last night I tripped on the cord to my roommates laptop and pulled the laptop down and it landed right on the top of my foot.  Ouch!  But hey, at least I'm able to laugh about it.  S**t happens...we can dwell on it and be all miserable or we can just shrug it off with a laugh and find the humor in the situation.  I choose to go with the more positive option.  :)

Today is a special day for me.  This afternoon marks 1 year that I have been out of the hospital.  That is a big deal for me since it is the first time since my first psychiatric hospital admission that I've been able to make it to a year.  I thank God a lot for that.  I know without Him I wouldn't be were I am today.

I don't normally talk about these things too much on this blog but I'm still unsure what direction this blog is going to take.  I know I want it to be a fun, encouraging space for others but I'm clueless as to how to get it there.  I got a little (okay A LOT) caught up in various blog contests, and that is fun and all, but not what I want this blog to be solely about.  I think 2010 will be a year of discovery, a year of trial and error, a year of transition, and a year of growth.  I welcome you all to be a part of this journey with me if you so choose.


The Queen of Clearance. said...

I so choose! I adore you, and I know that things are tough for you sometimes, and while I don't know the extent of everything in your past, it seems to me that you are trying very hard to live a happy and healthy life. I think that is great! I look forward to what ever direction you take your blog! Find the thing that makes you happiest and focus on that!

Kym said...

thank God for where you are today and what he has brought you through :)

2010 is going to be amazing, i can feel it! :)