Friday, October 2, 2009

Skirt Challenge, Day 3; A Giveaway, and a New Look

Hello Readers :)

Today I put on a simple green skirt and just a regular black t-shirt. I'll be honest, since I was just planning on staying in the apartment today I went more for comfort then anything. It worked out well because I think for doing chore around the house I couldn't have been any more comfortable. Since it's cool here and we have hardwood floors I decided to put on my cute little slipper socks too. I wish I could say they are homemade but truth is they're store bought.

I just realized I didn't get a pic showing off the slipper socks. Ah well...maybe another day.

I've noticed that many of those doing the challenge are posting pictures of their hairstyles...and I must have missed that as being part of the challenge. I have short hair though and no real accessories so trust me, it would be pretty much the same each day. The only thing I can really do with it is tuck it behind my ears if I want. *shrugs* I'm also not comfortable with the idea yet of posting my full pic to my blog so I wouldn't really be able to share my hair very well anyway.

Onto a giveaway by a local artist.

Check out her blog here. Her name is Shelagh Duffett and she's giving away one of her cookbooks and a surprise goodie! I'm not sure what that "goodie" is but if it's any of her artwork then the winner is in for a treat. Here is a link to the actual blog entry about the contest.

You may have noticed I've made some changes to the look of my blog. I'm not sure if I am going to stick with the background that is there now (I really liked the previous one) but I am loving that I have the three columns (the previous background didn't work right with the 3rd column). I found a great little tutorial on how to get a 3 column template over at The Cutest Blog on the Block. They also have some other neat little if you get a chance definitely check out the rest of their site.


aliceinparis said...

Hi there, thanks for posting about my giveaway! I appreciate it. Just put your name down twice:)
I love that green skirt you are wearing. My fave colour!