Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skirt Challenge, Day 2 and Other Randomness

Day 2 was a little more challenging. Last night I tried on the skirt I was planning to wear today to make sure it't. So tried another one...same problem. Guess that's what happens when you haven't worn them in a few years. It worked out, two skirts made their way in to my pile of donations and I found another one that fit and it was one I've been wanting to wear.

It was a little windy out keeping the skirt down while walking outside was tricky but I survived and did most of the activities I would have anyway. My psychologist was surprised to see me dressed up and thought it was great.

Both days so far while I've been out I've been feeling a little more self-conscious but that's probably just because normally I'm in jeans. I think that will be less of an issue as time goes on. I do think it's kind of fun to put a little more effort into what I'm going to wear and it does make me feel a good positive way...I don't know the word I'm looking for though.

In other news I recently contacted a local organization about volunteering and I heard back today and will have an interview on Oct 20th. The woman who does the interviewing is going on vacation for a bit otherwise it would've been sooner. That's fine though, gives me a chance to get some other things done. I'm also planning to attend a local photography club meeting next week. So there's a few new things going on in the next little while.


Antoinette K. said...

I like the skirt! Nice!

In Him,

Miss. Antoinette K.

Kym said...

i know what you mean... usually i'm very casually dressed up but it does make you feel different in a good way when you put a little extra effort in! :)

Kym said...

thanks for your comment and there is no need to apologize! i actually prefer reading long messages because i know they are heartfelt and sincere! rather than the usual quick "nice photo" comment! :)

thanks for sharing!

The Queen of Clearance. said...

love this look! I love browns, they are my fav right now!