Monday, October 26, 2009


Sorry to say I've been absent and likely will continue to be for awhile. I will post as I'm able over the next little bit but definitely not on a regular basis, nor will I be able to comment on other blogs with any regularity for a bit. My computer went caput and is in the shop....not sure how long, possibly a month or more. Hopefully my warrenty will cover everything. Anyway, until I have my laptop back I'll be accessing the internet through whoever is willing to let me use their computer...and mostly that will be to check email, however if I'm able to do more I will. I miss you all!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sears Granting Wishes

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Arrival

There's a new arrival at my house.

Isn't he adorable!?

I won him from a blog contest over at Kira's Crafty Life Blog and got to choose what colors I wanted my little owl nubbin to be.  As you can see I picked brown and green.  I just love this little guy and he's so well made...probably safe for most children.  The only reason I am not saying definitely is I'm not sure how the eyes are attached, so without knowing I'd say 3 years and up. 

If you're in the US you can check out her great shop on Etsy.  Generally her creations are shipped only in the US but I got lucky.  Thanks Kira! 

Now I just need to give this guy a name...any suggestions?  I think he needs a cool boys name.  :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Giveaway Reminder and a Blog Makeover

Hey, you may have noticed changes to the appearance of my blog once again. I just found a three-column layout that I liked better then what I had. I still need to change my header though. Ah well, in time.

On another note, The Queen of Clearance has extended the deadline for signing up for her "Sweet" giveaway!

Head on over to here blog and see what you can win and what you have to do to enter! It's Sweet-tastic! Oh, and don't forget to mention that FoundProdigalDaughter sent ya. :) Thanks.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thriftacular Contest

In celebration of their 100th post Toronto Yard Sale Snoop is having a great little contest. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Early Bird Entries to 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Head on over to This Bird's Day to find out how you can get up to 5 extra entries in for a chance to win some amazing giveaways!  There will be 12 reviews and giveaways running from November 1 - 12, 2009 for various items.  Early bird entries must be done before October 30, 2009.


Saturday, October 10, 2009


I didn't write much earlier, instead I just posted my skirt pictures to conclude the challenge.  I was, and still am, so behind in emails and blogs.  I'm realizing though, as much as I want to be caught up...I've spent the day focusing on the wrong priorities.  I feel a little guilty about this even though I did more today then I would've done on a typical day 2 months ago. 

I really feel like I need a lady, a positive, encouraging lady, to take me under their wing and teach me about cooking and baking and housework.  I need someone to help me out as if I was just a child that's basically what I am...except a little older.  I let fear get in the way of me trying and experimenting with even the most basic of household tasks...but I know and desire to learn how to be a better housekeeper. 

I want to prepare myself for when I have a family and be able to look after my husband, children, and house.  I feel I missed out on many learning opportunities because of my past health...but things have changed and I'm doing so much better.  I want to serve God, live for Him and please Him in all I do...but I keep getting stuck.  That fear, it's something I think is holding me back from life.  So instead, I fall back into a routine of computer surfing, and pretend all these things that I should be doing don't exist. 

I want to start attending church again...I'm planning to go to one this weekend and am hoping it will be the right one for me. 

I want to start planning out some meals...even if it's only one a week, or every other week for that matter.  I want to get more done around the apartment.  I want to learn to sew.  I want...I want...I want...

Let me stop myself there.  I need to ask what God wants...what do You want Lord?  I want to serve You.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Skirt Challenge, Day 7

Sorry for the delay, I was away from home a little longer then I expected and had no way to post the final day of the skirt challenge.

I was also only able to get the one picture.

Will post another entry as soon as I can...just wanted to get that up. 

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Received Gift and Skirt Challenge, Day 6

Aren't these beautiful?!  They're gorgeously painted rocks/pebbles turned into magnets.  I think they are beautiful and I received them as a gift from the owner of zamzam design.  Thank you so much!


Onto today's challenge.  Here's what I wore... green skirt again...and a green long sleeve shirt with a flower pattern on it.  It was a bit cooler today and since I had to get ready to go out I had to put on tights and a pair of socks since the tights are footless.

I just have to say that I had debated doing this challenge for a couple weeks before it started and I really felt that I was meant to take on the challenge, even if it was just for half the time.  So much has been happening since this challenge started, some really amazing things.  Some things are starting to make sense, other areas are improving, my perspective on things has changed, I am drawing closer in my walk with the Lord...there's just so much that words can't even explain...and too many things to just be coincidence.  I'm really excited and a little bit scared to see what's in store this next little while...but mostly excited.

I'm going to have unreliable internet tomorrow and possibly the next day as I'll be at my parents house and my Aunts.  Just wanted to say that since there will likely be a delay in me posted tomorrow's challenge photo's.  There's so much I want to write but right now there are no words that will even come close to explaining things. 

I also want to say a Thank You to Miss. Antoinette K. over at Practical Simplicity for hosting this challenge!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blog Candy Giveaway at Twinkles Glow with Stamps

Twinkles Glow with Stamps is celebrating their birthday with a fabulous giveaway!

And there will be not just one winner, but TWO as she's giving a second prize as well.

Here's a little previous of what the first blog candy prize is:

 Doesn't that looks awesome?!  You like?  Why don't you head over to their blog and see what you have to do to enter.

A Little Inspiration and Skirt Challenge Day 5

Endless opportunities to make a difference

That is what is on my calendar for the month of October.  I saw it when I was trying to decide what shirt to put on with today's skirt.  It got me thinking what can I do this month to make a difference?  And a challenge to you, what can you do to make a difference?  Just think about it, you don't have to tell me what, or if, you did don't have to blog about it, just think about it...and if there's anything you can do, no matter how it!  :)  Something as small as smiling at a stranger, or holding a door open for someone, or anything at all really.

Onto today's skirt challenge.  It's another day stuck at the apartment.  We are having one heck of a stormy rainy day here so on leak patrol (this apartment leaks) and trying to continue tidying up.  Oddly enough, one of the "side effects" of wearing a skirt every day has been that I've felt like doing more around the, tidying, and all that sort of domesticated stuff that I usually don't feel like doing.  LOL.

 Yup, that's my green skirt again...what can I's comfy.  :)  And yes, I'm wearing a Grumpy Bear shirt...I kinda have this thing for Care  :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Skirt Challenge, Day 4

I wasn't feeling all that great today so I just kept it a low key day and put on my favorite skirt...which we saw back on day 1.

Stayed around the apartment and got some things accomplished online that I've been needing to get done for a few days, as well as a few things around the apartment.

Oh...also remembered to take a pic of the slipper socks, which I was wearing again today.

Hoping tomorrow is a little more productive day but at least I got some things finished up today.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Skirt Challenge, Day 3; A Giveaway, and a New Look

Hello Readers :)

Today I put on a simple green skirt and just a regular black t-shirt. I'll be honest, since I was just planning on staying in the apartment today I went more for comfort then anything. It worked out well because I think for doing chore around the house I couldn't have been any more comfortable. Since it's cool here and we have hardwood floors I decided to put on my cute little slipper socks too. I wish I could say they are homemade but truth is they're store bought.

I just realized I didn't get a pic showing off the slipper socks. Ah well...maybe another day.

I've noticed that many of those doing the challenge are posting pictures of their hairstyles...and I must have missed that as being part of the challenge. I have short hair though and no real accessories so trust me, it would be pretty much the same each day. The only thing I can really do with it is tuck it behind my ears if I want. *shrugs* I'm also not comfortable with the idea yet of posting my full pic to my blog so I wouldn't really be able to share my hair very well anyway.

Onto a giveaway by a local artist.

Check out her blog here. Her name is Shelagh Duffett and she's giving away one of her cookbooks and a surprise goodie! I'm not sure what that "goodie" is but if it's any of her artwork then the winner is in for a treat. Here is a link to the actual blog entry about the contest.

You may have noticed I've made some changes to the look of my blog. I'm not sure if I am going to stick with the background that is there now (I really liked the previous one) but I am loving that I have the three columns (the previous background didn't work right with the 3rd column). I found a great little tutorial on how to get a 3 column template over at The Cutest Blog on the Block. They also have some other neat little if you get a chance definitely check out the rest of their site.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skirt Challenge, Day 2 and Other Randomness

Day 2 was a little more challenging. Last night I tried on the skirt I was planning to wear today to make sure it't. So tried another one...same problem. Guess that's what happens when you haven't worn them in a few years. It worked out, two skirts made their way in to my pile of donations and I found another one that fit and it was one I've been wanting to wear.

It was a little windy out keeping the skirt down while walking outside was tricky but I survived and did most of the activities I would have anyway. My psychologist was surprised to see me dressed up and thought it was great.

Both days so far while I've been out I've been feeling a little more self-conscious but that's probably just because normally I'm in jeans. I think that will be less of an issue as time goes on. I do think it's kind of fun to put a little more effort into what I'm going to wear and it does make me feel a good positive way...I don't know the word I'm looking for though.

In other news I recently contacted a local organization about volunteering and I heard back today and will have an interview on Oct 20th. The woman who does the interviewing is going on vacation for a bit otherwise it would've been sooner. That's fine though, gives me a chance to get some other things done. I'm also planning to attend a local photography club meeting next week. So there's a few new things going on in the next little while.