Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bad Blogger and randomness

I haven't been doing very good at keeping up on this blog regularly and to be honest, it'll be awhile before I am able to. Things have been going well, but I was away from reliable internet for a bit and now I'm super busy getting ready to go to Ontario for my friends wedding. I am in the wedding party so trying to get last minute things together and trying to figure out what I'm taking as well as trying to get the regular every day things done is proving challenging and exhausting.

I just got back to the city yesterday after visiting with my parents for a few days. It's always a shock to the system going from city to their place or from their place back to the city. They don't live in the country by any means but they do live in the sub-urbs of the city...and I just find it so quiet and peaceful when I'm there that all I want to do is lay around and sleep and just relax....and munch on all their yummy foods. Back in the city, it's noisy, really really noisy, so as much as I want to just lay around and sleep and just's not happening. Also, the food choices are limited in my wonderful little apartment. So anyway, needless to say, the change of pace changes dramatically.

So today, I have a psychology appointment, I need to go to the piercing shop to pick out a new barbell or something for my eyebrow piercing and to pick up a plastic one as well (just in case, I want some different options for the wedding). I also need to get more cleaning solution, yeah okay it's just purified water and sea salt but I'm hoping I can pick up another bottle from them so I don't have to buy the purified water and sea salts and make my own, just don't have time right now. Then I have to go to the stationary store (Duly Noted, I think it's called) to look for a few things, and then I need to pick up some eyeshadow and eyeliner and different things. Tonight I'm hanging out with my roommate watching a movie and enjoying some wine.

Tomorrow is another appointment with my Occupational Therapist and any other running around I didn't get done today. Plus I need to try to clear off my camera's memory stick and reformat it so I won't have to buy a new one for taking on my trip. Money, money, money! Ack! Oh plus I need to get to the bank to pick up money for bills to give to my roommate and money that I owe my neighbor for a Mary Kay order I put in. And a few other odds and ends if I don't forget.

So, that said, I'm off. Just gotta finish my box of Lychee juice and then brush the old teefers (teeth) and get moving. I'll try to write another blog and show some pictures of some neat things before I go.


The Queen of Clearance said...

You sound so busy! I noticed my new blog button on your sidebar! Thanks! Also I have never done a swap before it is my first one! But the women Kathie who sent me those gifts hosted a swap on her blog. We sent 25 dollars worth of our fav things to another person and in return get 25 dollars worth of someone elses favorite things! I cant wait to see what I got!