Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meanings of Spring

What a beautiful day it is here in Halifax, Nova Scotia today. 7 C (44 F)...except add like another 20 degrees for the "feels like" temp in my Windows are propped wide open and the fan is on full blast and I'm sweating. LOL. But, I'm enjoying it means the start of spring, new life, new beginnings, purity, innocence. Well, not sure it actually means all these things, but I'd like to think it does. And as much as I love winter and the snow I am looking forward to seeing the buds on the trees, hearing the birds chirping, see the flowers breaking through the soil, and walking through the public gardens when it again opens to the public, and maybe even some barefoot walks along the beach. It's exciting!

I'm a little sad I slept in this morning and missed church but I feel blessed and inspired today regardless. I found a church that I've been wanting to check out for awhile that has an evening service tonight so I may go to that. I've done the dishes...well, washed them anyway, still need to dry them and put them away. I am also feeling like I may tackle my room some more. It seems like a good day to do some spring cleaning. Try to purge some more of the items I no longer need...either donate them or try to sell some of them and just try to have a productive and inspiring day. I've got my Mark Schultz cd blasting and may switch it soon to Sarah Groves and I'm eating jelly belly jelly beans in odd flavors! How can it not be a good day *chuckles*. Though I still haven't decided if I like the jalepeno flavored jelly beans.